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Registered teams:


Organizing Committee

ArosCupen is organized by  Skiljebo Sportklubb (SSK) inVästerås. Skiljebo Sportklubb was founded in 1944. The name is from the town district “where it all began”. The mens team play in second national division. With youth teams in Junior National Elite and Boys National Elit the future looks promising. SSK also has a 50 youth teams from age 8 to 15, both girls and boys. SSK has it’s own office at Hamre IP where the two employees reside, Lars Kjellstrand and Tomas Svensson. Chairman of the board is Lars Lundqvist.

ArosCupen organizing committe

The committee works all year round with planning and implementation of the cup. There are numerous activities and details to be solved before the first game starts. The Following is a presentation of the members in the committee.

Other Officials

The cup engages a number of different officials. Most of the officials are recruited from within the club and has had their assignments for several years. Here are a few examples of important responsibilities: